Monday, November 4, 2013

Ugly Wins

An ugly win trumps a beautiful loss, and a record of 8-1 does a lot to erase any doubts about a team's performance.  Having said that, my beloved Seattle Seahawks seem to be registering ugly victories in games where they should be obliterating their opponents.  Am I worried?  Nope.

This team knows how to win.  There are flaws, but that's true of any team in any sport.  There are a lot of good teams out there, and anything can happen in the NFL, but this is the best Seattle team I have ever had the privilege of pulling for.  I'm still thinking big in 2013, and I think this team is going to improve.  Percy Harvin hasn't even hit the field yet, and key members of the O-line who have been injured will return to action soon.

Mark my words: if the Seahawks can nail down the best record in the NFC and make their competition come to Seattle in the playoffs, we're in business.  Right now, the team sits atop the NFC, and though I would have liked it if they had dished out a few 50-burgers in recent weeks, I'll take the wins.  It doesn't matter how ugly they are, they count, and there has never been a better team to root for the Seahawks.