Saturday, July 29, 2017

New Project, New Playlist/Soundtrack

I've mentioned this to some of my peers before so it may be a rehash, but if not, consider yourself privy to an inside look at the workings of a deranged writer's mind.  When I'm working on a project, I like to compile what I think of as a soundtrack for that tale.  Whenever I'm working on that material, I put on my headphones and rock out to the playlist I have prepared.  I feel like this helps me get in the groove and arrive at the same mindset whenever I work on that piece, so the vibe and the voice that I'm looking for are easier to summon.  That may seem perfectly rational to some of you, and it may seem like utter nonsense to others.  That's just how I work, and it does seem to help me get to where I need to be to sling some ink. 

Anyhow, I rarely share much about any project I'm dealing with while it is in progress, but I occasionally dish out the working title and the playlist.  I do this because I love my peeps and I like to share.  Such a reveal may pique your curiosity so far as the current story is concerned, and it may also inspire you to check out some groovy tunes.  With all this in mind, let's get right to it.  I'm currently throwing down a novel about the most nightmarish camping trip ever, and I'm thinking of calling it "Southern Fried Hell."

This is the soundtrack I've put together to keep me on track while I put five lovely souls through the ringer:

Cattle Car – Clutch
Don't Step On The Grass Sam - Steppenwolf
Green Valley -Puscifer
One Horse Town - Hank Williams III         
Some Days – Sturgill Simpson        
Maggie M'Gill - The Doors   
Head Down – Soundgarden
Beercan - Beck
Shake Your Foundations - AC/DC  
Maybe I Am Amused - Melvins
Blue Monkey Disco - Syrup
Down To This – Soul Coughing
Spill the Blood - Slayer
I'm Shakin' – The Blasters
I Ain't Living Long Like This – Waylon Jennings
Vulture – Iggy Pop
Small Bones, Small Bodies – Future of the Left
Killing Floor – Body Count
Throw It On Me – The Hives featuring Timbaland
This Is Violence – Soulfly
Collapse - Motograter
D7 - Nirvana