Tuesday, September 22, 2015

EODM's New Song Totally Rocks (No Surprise There)

Zipper Down from Eagles of Death Metal is due out on 10/2.
Thus far, those dashing Eagles of Death Metal have released three tracks from their upcoming album, Zipper Down.  The first two, "Complexity" and "Got a Woman," are solid tracks.  The first is cheeky and upbeat and the second is a lightning-paced rock and roll jam that I liked a bit more.  However, both of those songs pale in comparison to the track the band debuted most recently.  "Silverlake" is a fab song that is full of oomph and humor, allowing the band to shred and make fun of hipsters in equal measures.  The end result is one of my favorite songs from this groovy band and it definitely ramps up my enthusiasm as the arrival of Zipper Down draws nigh.  If you've never experienced this silly rock affair anchored by the lovable Jesse Hughes and his wacky pal Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) on drums, this new album may prove to be a great starting point.  Arriving seven years after they last dropped an album on us (2008's Heart On, a nifty record that I liked--even if it is easily the band's least impressive offering to date), the upcoming release boasts eleven tracks, including a cover of Duran Duran's "Save a Prayer."  If it lives up to the feel good vibe that the red hot and unabashedly cool "Silverlake" generates, music lovers everywhere are going to have a great time getting down with Zipper Down.

Listen to the latest from EODM here.

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