Monday, March 23, 2015

Has Rick Lost His Damn Mind?

Like many of you (probably all of you--you are reading this blog, after all) I am a big fan of AMC's The Walking Dead.  It's not the best show on television (that honor belongs to Justified), but it's damn close, and I think this has been one of the best seasons yet.  One of the reasons I'm enjoying this arc so much is the way that Rick is behaving, though many seem to think that he has lost his grip on reality.  Well, is that true?  Has Rick lost his damn mind?  Before I answer this question, I should probably note that I think the first two seasons of the show were vastly superior to the next two seasons for a couple of reasons, but mostly because I liked Shane.  Yes, he banged Rick's wife.  Yes, he was a bit of a dick.  Yet he figured out how to live in this sucky new world long before Rick did.  Shane wasn't batshit crasy--not at first, anyhow--he was simply ahead of his time.  Hell, as much as his obsession with Lori wound up pushing him over the brink, his mental collapse was likely also triggered by being the voice of reason that was continually ignored.  His big scene at the barn in Season 2 was one of the best moments the show has produced to date, and I think it was rather similar to Rick's little outburst last night.  The zombie apocalypse isn't a great setting for second chances or any overt acts concerning trust or lenience.  The golden rule doesn't hold the same worth in this environment.  In other words, Rick isn't losing his damn mind, he's looking out for his people, and he's starting to realize that it's better to be sure than to be nice.  Fall in line and you've got no worries.  Present a threat to the safety of the group and your ass is grass.  It's not polite and it's actually a bit ruthless, but considering how things went at the prison and Terminus, that's just the way it has to be.  In closing, I'm not just giving the dude a pass, I'm giving him a high five.  Rock on, Rick, and fuck you, Pete. 
"Crazy?  Don't you dare call me crazy! 
I just figured this shit out three seasons before Rick did."


  1. Definitely fuck Pete. 100%

    Rick already went to lost his mind Rick when Lori died and he was talking to her on the phone. At this point he is "im tired of faking it" Rick and knows what must be done. I really liked how he just let it all out and was like -- you stupid people. But I think Michone had to knock him out just to make the situation calm down a bit. But im pretty sure she will be back in his corner real soon.

    As for Shane I can see the parallels for sure, I still don't think Rick is a ruthless and has as many wavering morals. At least Rick keeps it within the group and seems to protect them at all costs. Shane was weeding out his own group - and friend, to his own needs - not the needs of many. Not sure how Shane would have handled the Governor? Prob would have joined him...

  2. Shane definitely didn't really care about anyone else by the time all was said and done, and Rick is still a shepherd of sorts. Just a really badass shepherd. He is a far better leader than Shane ever could have been. He's also far different from Shane, to be sure, and different in ways that make him better. Yet there's a lot of shit they didn't agree on in the first two seasons that Season 5 Rick wouldn't object to.
    Also: if Shane hadn't cracked, he wouldn't have joined the Governor. I think he would have taken the Governor out. Nailing the Governor would have been a side mission for Shane--but anyone rolling with him might have gotten the Otis treatment.