Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Monster Jams: My Diligence - Sun Rose (Released 1/30/2019)

Monster Jams: My Diligence - Sun Rose (Released 1/30/2019)

Terrible name, gnarly Belgian band.  Some might bill this as stoner rock or some variety of progressive rock, but I'm not really sure where it fits.  I don't particularly care either--I'm not too keen on this whole label craze with what seems like a zillion different little niches where sub-genres of music are concerned.  In this case, I'm totally cool with filing My Diligence under rock and taking it from there.  These guys are aggressive, with driving riffs, a steady beat, and some serious cohesion keeping the sound exquisitely forceful and equally tight.  The vocals, however, are subdued if not lethargic by comparison, though the melodies are sweet and the grooves pair nicely with the band's emphasis on momentum.  The precision involved is ruthless, and even those who don't favor the sound should be able to acknowledge the talent involved in crafting this music.  The contrast on display yields a surprisingly smooth output that never veers off course while blancing catchy harmonies against a potent dose of adrenaline.  Maybe it's a weird marriage; it doesn't matter, what matters is that it works.  Standout tracks include "Resentful,""Backstabber," and "Lecter's Song."  I'm not sure that anything included in this release is truly explosive, but there are no misfires.  Sun Rose is a thirty-eight minute foray into a hypnotic sound that will not necessarily blow your mind, but it will take you to some unique places, and it will leave you wanting more.

Final Grade: B+

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