Friday, April 24, 2015

Fun with the Family @ Olsen Park in Wilmington, NC

Since we've moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, we've been able to do so many cool things with the kids that they wouldn't have gotten the chance to do back in lowly Ridgeway, Virginia.  If you were to ask my children what they like most about life on the coast, however, they might not lead with the Science Expo at the aquarium or the guided tour of Fort Fisher.  They might lead with the beach, but there's a good chance that they would reference the awesome parks that we have grown fond of visiting.  Today, they got the chance to play at Olsen Park, where a new standard may have been set for playgrounds.  I could go on and on about the great facilities and that wicked cool playground, or I could share some of my photos of the wacky Waylands in action. 

Yeah, let's do that.

Our magical little muffin didn't know where to begin.

Ash has never met a swing he didn't like,
but this one was a bit cooler than most.

Mama Kris and Baby Kass enjoyed the slide.
The Wayland Sisters were all over the place, making friends and having fun.
Dr. Suess would say something like this:
"They climbed things here,
They climbed things there,
They climbed things everywhere."
Not to be outdone, Ash made friends and climbed stuff too.

Taryn takes a break from climbing to ham it up for the camera.
Muffin see, Muffin do.  Look at Kassie climbing too!
(I'm still feeling a little like Dr. Suess)
Kass and I stopped having fun long enough to take a Selfie.

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