Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Short Attention Span Review: The Road is Jericho (2015)

Hello, my name is Jimmy and I'm a Jerichoholic.  I enjoy wrasslin' and there are many superstars past and present who I have cheered for, but Jericho is the bee's knees.  Thus, I was pretty damn excited when I scored The Road is Jericho on Blu-ray.  First off, be sure to pick up the Blu-ray if that's an option for you.  7 hours of material on DVD is cool, but 8 and a half hours on Blu-ray is better.  Secondly, while it is true that most of Jericho's most celebrated matches were contained in the first set, dude has epic matches to spare.  This is a nifty collection that spans much of Jericho's career and features several of his finest rivals, to include the Rock, Shawn Michaels, Rey, and HHH.  His most recent rivalries with CM Punk and Bray Wyatt also made the cut by virtue of a Chicago Street Fight and a good old-fashioned cage match, and the best match in the set may be a no-frills but lengthy bout against RVD on RAW that is an absolute showstopper.  Understandably, there's no mention of Chris Benoit and none of Jericho's legendary matches with him are included, but Jericho's legacy is strong enough to survive despite the absence of what may have been his strongest rival.  My favorite Jericho match, a "Last Man Standing" showdown with HHH from Fully Loaded in 2000, is still missing in action, but lo and behold, the match with HHH that is included in this collection actually sees Chris emerge victorious.  Despite the presence of so many notable superstars and so many incredible matches, the real highlight of The Road is Jericho has to be the segments where Jericho discusses his career and the various matches included in the set.  Chris is very candid, funny as always, and dishes out lots of cool tidbits about himself, his opponents, and the wrestling business.  The Road is Jericho will definitely thrill any Jerichoholic, and any true wrasslin' fan should find something to love in this terrific set.

Final Grade: A
The "best there is at what he does" may be absent from the WWE at present,
but his second collection of matches is sure to break the walls down.

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