Monday, June 29, 2015

Short Attention Span Review: Blade (1998)

I'm not sure that Blade gets enough love these days.  I hear people talking about the number of box office hits that are based on comic book properties, and many seem to think that either the X-Men or Spider-Man really got things rolling for Marvel.  I have to disagree.  It was Wesley Snipes at his charismatic and ass-kicking best, looking cool and killing lots and lots of vampires in Blade.  Having recently sat down to rewatch this 1998 smash hit, I can tell you that it still has a lot of bite.  Snipes is perfect as the titular hero, and I feel bad for whoever is picked to fill his shoes when the inevitable reboot of this potent franchise arrives.  Kris Kristofferson borrows a page from the "cranky Nick Nolte" playbook and nails the part of our hero's gruff mentor, while Stephen Dorff shines as the villain.  The direction courtesy of Stephen Norrington is damn impressive, and the script by David S. Goyer is surely one of his better offerings.  Blade is an exciting blend of horror and action with a nice helping of martial arts mayhem.  In the years since it was produced, we've seen a number of horror/action hybrids hit the big screen.  I don't think that any of them are as entertaining as Blade, though the first Underworld comes close to rivaling this stellar picture.  Blade is a badass movie that is aging well and I am happy to recommend it to those who enjoy my blog.

Final Grade: A
Wesley Snipes is at his very best in Blade.

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