Friday, April 4, 2014

Never Look Back Again

Well, tonight is the night.  My blog and my writing have been on the backburner since October because I decided to make a movie.  Tonight is the big premiere; Never Look Back Again is playing at Hollywood Cinema in Martinsville, Virginia.

Here's the official synopsis for Never Look Back Again:

Get ready to take a trip into darkness and despair.
Reeling from a painful divorce, Wes Matheson (Travis Thompson) comes home to a place he always feared. He’s there to clean up the decrepit factory he inherited from the father he never liked, relying on a few friends to help him spruce the place up.
If all goes well, he’ll sell the factory and move on with his life, but nothing goes well in the gruesome spiral into horror that ensues. Never Look Back Again is a mindbending tale of terror that will make you doubt your own sanity.
Is it a nightmare? Is it a hallucination? Or is it madness?

My good friend Rudy Law served as Executive Producer for the picture, and I was fortunate enough to cast Travis Thompson in the lead role.  Mal Rorrer did the score, designed most of the artwork, and plays a small part in the picture, among other things.  Chris Gibbs, Ryan Culver, and John Reinhold also appear in the movie, and both Rudy and I played parts as well.  Chad Culver was a huge help behind the scenes, and Raven Kai has managed our web presence.  It has definitely been a journey, and I'm very pleased with the end result.  I certainly couldn't have done it without the cast and crew, and as difficult as it was, working with them was also a lot of fun.
I can't wait to share our picture with the general public and see how people respond to our little stroll through The Twilight Zone on acid.  We're also making the DVD available this weekend.

Mal Rorrer, Rudy Law, James Wayland, and Travis Thompson at Hollywood Cinema
Never Look Back Again is the first feature from Pirate Pug Productions, a joint venture that Rudy and I have started.  Our plan is to continue to make movies and bring other creators on board to help us produce outlandish material.  We chose the name because we dig pugs and, well, a pirate pug is a rather adorable concept that suits our "doing it our way" approach.

This is our awesome logo c/o Mal Rorrer.  He nailed it, but that's no surprise.

As I noted before, we'll be selling DVDs at the premiere, and we'll have other merch available as well, to include pins, hats, and tee-shirts.  The movie was shot in 1080i HD, so there are Blu-Rays coming.  We're definitely looking to maximize this opportunity and we're looking forward to having a blast with anyone and everyone who comes out to support us this weekend or buys a copy of the movie.  Additional showings are in the works, and I'll certainly keep you posted.  

Here's a link to our trailer so you can scope it out:
Never Look Back Again Trailer

And here's a link to our website in case you're looking for additional information:
Never Look Back Again website

Finally, I'm going to leave you with a few stills from the movie:

Travis Thompson as Wes Matheson and Chris Gibbs as Terry
Mal Rorrer designed the costume for "Shudder" and he also played the part
This can't be good . . .
Ryan Culver plays Marlon and I play Rick, here we're having a bit of a disagreement . . .

Are supernatural forces out to get Wes or is he losing his mind?
Rudy Law as Old Ron, the creepy caretaker

Travis Thompson stars in Never Look Back Again

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