Friday, August 4, 2017

Short Attention Span Review: Dead Cross

Short Attention Span Review: Dead Cross 

In fairness,  I should make my readers aware of the following tidbits:

1) Faith No More is my favorite band, and as such, there is little doubt that I would classify Mike Patton and the versatility and creativity that he brings to his vocals as the best things ever to happen to any microphone, anywhere.

2) I'm a diehard Slayer fan, and while I take nothing away from the band as a whole, I have stated on more than one occasison that if the band were to offer any album featuring Dave Lombardo as a drums-only release featuring his work on the skins alone, well, I would snatch that shit up in a hot minute.

So, this whole Dead Cross thing is a bit of a dream project as far as I'm concerned, and I want to make this clear as I obviously have a considerable bias at work as I sit down to write this review.  By the same token, these tidbits should denote a potent set of expectations regarding this latest release from the throbbing treasure chest of unruly sounds that is Ipecac Recordings.  As with anything one approaches with high hopes and a decided thirst, it was entirely possible that even a solid recording would have been a bit of a disappointment.  Yes, I listened to this album mere hours after it was released fully expecting to hear something noteworthy, and I'm very happy to report that I wasn't disappointeed.  In point of fact, Dead Cross has surpassed my expectations, and if there's a better way to spend 28 minutes listening to music, I'm not aware of it.  Most surprisingly, while Patton and Lombardo both rise to new heights and bejewel this stash of hardcore gold with the very best that they have to offer, it's the guitar work courtesy of Mike Crain (Retox) that really puts this sonic blitz over the top.   Justin Pearson (Retox, the Locust) also nails the bass parts for this brief but incredible descent into unbridled fury, but I was constantly amazed by the twists and turns that Crain threw down, thrashing and grinding his way through a guns-blazing assault on the eardrums that never fails to surprise or entertain.  Quirky, energetic, and brimming with tongue-in-cheek hostility, this is hardcore at its most enticing and inventive.  Dead Cross is a serious kick in the pants that should thrill any fan of exciting music in general, and those who are enamored with any of the participants will find everything they're hoping for and more.  Make no mistake, this is a fiery bundle of lunatic rage where 9 out of 10 songs come up short of 3 minutes in length, yet no stone is left unturned.  Standout tracks include every fucking one of them, no bullshit whatsoever, my friends.

Final Grade: A+ 

Buy this shit now!!!!!!!

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