Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Short Attention: Deadpool 2 (2018)

Short Attention Span Review: Deadpool 2 (2018)

If you liked Deadpool, then you won't have any complaints about Deadpool 2.  Ryan Reynolds was born to play this part, and the fact that the powers that be have allowed him to do it his way is both a sweet blessing for comic book fanboys and the secret to this franchise's success.  In some ways, Deadpool 2 is better than its predecessor, particularly when it comes to big laughs and brawls.  It also has a more interesting narrative, but it may suffer from a lack of focus, as it does seem to meander at times.  It is also surprisingly sappy at times, and while it's hard to criticize a film for trying to inject more feeling into the proceedings, it certainly seemed a little odd to have Deadpool trying to pluck at my heartstrings.  However, it does boast Josh Brolin as Cable, and that may be the real secret to this sequel's appeal.  Reynolds is perfect as Deadpool, no doubt about it, and I enjoy his schtick, but it can be a bit grating.  Brolin's more grounded approach (which still relies on a heavy dose of humor) is a fine way to balance things out and provide a worthy counterpart to Deadpool's inane shenanigans.  Deadpool 2 is a little less vulgar than its predecessor, which I found surprising as sequels so often push the envelope in every way possible.  However, it definitely ups the ante on the comedic front in a big way, and that was my favorite thing about it.  Whereas Deadpool benefitted from a steady stream of chuckles, Deadpool 2 manages to do likewise while also sporting two bits that are as funny as anything you're apt to see.  I'm talking sequences so hilarious that I couldn't catch my breath I was laughing so hard.  I'm talking about a pair of comic setpieces that can rival the funniest parts of any movie ever lensed.  Yeah, that funny.  X-Force!  So, in summary, Deadpool 2 is more of a mixed bag than the first one was, and it has a few chinks in its armor, but when it wins, brothers and sisters, it wins big.  

Oh, and Reynolds continues to poke fun at his other comic book movie exploits to great effect, but his love/hate relationship with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine remains his greatest fallback.  That stuff is golden.

Final Grade: B+

No surprise here: Brolin is a welcome addition to this franchise.  At this point, he has emerged as a true powerhouse who would be a welcome addition to most any franchise.

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