Friday, November 30, 2012

Good People, Good Times

Recipe for a good time:

Step 1) Add Philmo. 

This is the most important step.

Warning: adding either too little Philmo or too much Philmo to the occasion could be counter-productive.  Philmo is highly combustible and should not be left unattended around any fuels or sharp objects.

You follow the rules and it's a great story with a happy ending, but if you drop the ball shit could get out of hand.

Step 2) Add football. 

This works even if the game features the Saints and the Falcons and Drew Brees plays he has been drinking more than we have.  Seriously, watching the Saints last night reminded me of playing a game of Madden against an idiot using a great team.  There will be moments of beauty and perhaps even flashes of brilliance, but in the end, it's not going to be pretty.

Step 3) Cook deer meat.

This is easily accomplished when Philmo (a.k.a. Deerslayer 2012) is on hand.  Have Lisa and Brandi cook it tag-team style for best results.  Serve with biscuits, gravy, and well, hell, if you've got deer meat, biscuits, and gravy, feel free to serve it up with anything else you find laying around.  I like your chances.

Step 4) Enjoy!

Evil Dick and Master Gibbs
Lisa and Gibbs
All you need are friends, particularly when they're friends like these.  If Jerry had been there, we could have reunited the band!  I feel so very blessed.  I go on and on about my family, but I'm fortunate enough to have great friends too, and good times come with family, friends, or both included.
I've had my share.

Cue flashback sequence:

A photo of Philmo and the Ten Pin crowd enjoying the music once upon a when
All right, guys, close your eyes and smile!
I bet he's playing a solo.

Jerry Dillard and the finest kit money ever bought.

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