Monday, November 12, 2012

The Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 5 (Say the Word)

The Governor
 So, here are a few things we learned during last night's episode of the walking dead:
Darryl has a way with babies.
Rick has gone insane.
Michonne is the badass she should be.
Oh, and surprise, surprise, The Governor is one sick dude. 
Though it may have seemed somewhat tame given the ferocity of Episode 4, this was a huge entry in terms of plot, and there was still plenty of action and gore to enjoy.  A lot went down and several key moments from "Say the Word" will undoubtedly shape the season as we move forward.
In a show this big, it's hard to give everyone their due, and I wanted more Glenn in last night's episode, and I would have preferred it if they had devoted a little more time to Carl as he reacts to last week's grim outcome.  Yet we got to spend  far more time with Michonne, and I'm really starting to like the direction they're taking her in.  She is different from her comic book counterpart in some ways, but she's still the fearless survivor fans know and love.  She had a couple of big scenes last night, and despite her impressive disposal of several walkers in one of them, I thought the strongest part of the episode was her tense standoff with The Governor. 

 Speaking of The Governor, let me be the first to acknowledge that I wasn't all that thrilled about the casting of David Morrissey in the role.  It wasn't that I thought it was a bad call, it just didn't grab me right off because I wasn't familiar with Morrissey and he doesn't resemble the comic version at all.  When they started releasing stills and I saw just how different the show's depiction would be, the jury was still out.  I mean, I figured they would at least give the dude long hair or a goatee or something.  Nope.  Now, the jury is still out, as this character is slowly being revealed to us, but David is really starting to pull me in.  He is doing a nice job of melding a lot of different elements together.  He seems likable at times, and strong, trustworthy even--and yet we see beyond that.  There is also a dark soul behind his rugged charm.  There's a mean streak lurking beneath the surface, and despite his effective facade, we know that he is a madman who cannot be trusted.

Right now, I think the cast and crew are on pace to deliver the most entertaining season of The Walking Dead yet, though I did see some chinks in the armor last night.  Generally, one of the most impressive aspects of this show is the presentation; I'm fond of saying that it's the best thing that's happened to zombies in quite a while, and it has been superior to anything existing within this sub-genre to hit the big screen in recent memory.  Having said that, there were some big moments in Episode 5, and whereas the program is typically on par with a feature, it definitely looked like a TV Show at times.  I thought I saw glimpses of the budget in both Rick's gruesome descent into despair and The Governor's party.  Now, don't get me wrong, everything is top-notch when it comes to The Walking Dead, and it is as great example of what the format is capable of, but I think there were a few moments that didn't shine as brightly as they should have during last night's show.
Still, it was a wicked ride, and I can't wait for next week's episode.  There are so many burning questions to contemplate right now.

Danai Guriri as Michonne
 What's next for Michonne?  I know there's more to come so far as she and The Governor are concerned, and that could wind up being the strongest aspect of this season. 

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes

How's Rick?  It's okay to lose your shit every once in a while so long as you come back. 
Come back, dude.

Laurie Holden as Andrea
 What will Andrea do next?  I absolutely loved the way Laurie Holden played her character's reaction to the big party.  We've all ignored good advice and made dumb decisions, and we've all had those moments where we realized it and made that face Andrea was making when we saw her last.

 What's next for our precious babe?  I am very curious to see how they'll handle this aspect of the program.  Comic readers have to be wondering how closely they will adhere to the source material for this particular subplot, though it as already quite clear that the writers of the show are mixing it up.  If handled well, this could be a tremendous asset to The Walking Dead.  If handled poorly, it could be a show-killer. 

That's all I've got; I'm eager for next week's episode and I'll share my thoughts again next Monday. Until then, stay scared, peeps, and beware gated communities and one-armed men!

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