Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Melvins Album Coming Soon!

Good news, peeps!  The Melvins are dropping another album on us on 4/30.  Everybody Loves Sausages will feature both the full-throttle Melvins line-up featuring Jarred Warren and Cody Willis and a few tracks from the Melvins Lite line-up featuring Trevor Dunn on stand-up bass.  There will also be several guests in the mix (including familiar names like Kevin Rutmanis and Jello Biafra) and the album is a zany collection of covers that the band enjoys.

The Melvins are one of the best bands working today, and their reputation for delivering astounding live performances is well-deserved.  If you have never seen them in person and you get a chance to do so, don't miss out.  In the meantime, this album sounds like an intriguing purchase; here's a list of the featured tracks:

1. Warhead (Venom; Guest: Scott Kelly of Neurosis)
02. Best Friend (Queen; Guest: Caleb Benjamin of Tweak Bird)
03. Black Betty (Original artist unknown)
04. Set It On Fire (The Scientists; Guest: Mark Arm)
05. Station To Station (David Bowie; Guest: JG Thirlwell)
06. Attitude (The Kinks: Guest: Clem Burke of Blondie)
07. Female Trouble (Divine a.k.a. John Waters)
08. Carpe Diem (The Fugs)
09. Timothy Leary Lives (Pop-O-Pies)
10. In Every Dream Home a Heartache (Roxy Music; Guests: Jello Biafra and Kevin Rutmanis)
11. Romance (Tales of Terror)
12. Art School (The Jam; Guest: Tom Hazelmeyer)
13. Heathen Earth (Throbbing Gristle)

Additionally, this album comes from Ipecac, a label that continues to inspire.  Click here to learn more about the Melvins and other Ipecac acts.

Oh, and whether you love them or you hate them, you have to admit that the notion of a Melvins and a Melvins Lite is extremely cool.  Long live King Buzzo!

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