Friday, February 15, 2013

These Lakers

What is it about these Lakers?  We're set for the NBA's awesome All-Star Weekend, a hell of a spectacle that should have the NFL taking notes, and it's pretty clear that the team that good old Jack and I cherish is awash.  It's ludicrous to think they could make the playoffs this season.  Let's be real: this Lakers squad has given us every reason to believe it's equally ludicrous to assume that they might play good basketball for an extended stretch at any point.  Given the talent involved, the whole situation becomes even more ridiculous, and yet I can't seem to give up on them.

I should have given up weeks ago when I was watching my team on TV and I realized that I had seen better play at the YMCA, and any illusions I held beyond that point should have been shattered when Pau hurt his foot.  For the record, after Gasol went down, I was still enough of a believer to watch that Thursday night game against Boston with a slew of Celtics fans.  That's a precious memory.  Yet I still found some reason to believe.  I mean, Kobe's out there with Dwight Howard and Steve Nash.  Metta World Crazy has to play nasty D and drill some big shots at some point, right?  Yes, I continued to believe.  Last night, I was convinced that a win against the Clippers would be the launching pad for a push to greatness in the second half of the season, but instead of a win I got to watch a massacre.  There's just no logical explanation for continuing to believe in this squad.

Forget about all that talent.  Forget about Kobe's quest for 6.  Forget about Dwight Howard being the best big man in the league right now.  Hell, go ahead and forget that last one twice if at all possible, because the dude just doesn't have the drive or the toughness.  As a consolation prize, he was blessed with a very nice smile.

And yet, as I get set to enjoy all the action the NBA has in store for us this weekend, I can't flush my hopes for this season down the toilet just yet.  I know it's stupid.  I know how this is going to end.  And I still believe this team can somehow scratch their way into the playoffs in spite of all that.  It must be Kobe, and despite his greatness, it's still foolish, but I'm all in.

I feel like an idiot for saying this, but I'm eager for a spectacular All-Star Weekend (which isn't foolish at all--NFL, PLEASE TAKE NOTE!!!) and I'm still down with the purple and gold.  Let's do this, Lakers!

Wow.  That felt even more ridiculous than I thought it would, but I'm still going down the ship.  Until then, maybe I'll get to see Kobe win a big game when he suits up for the West this weekend.

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