Thursday, February 21, 2013

What's up with Slayer?

So, like many of you, I've been hoping for another Slayer album.  Since there had been some talk of another release in 2013, I was on the prowl for details when I came upon some troubling news.  The band is gearing up for an Australian tour, but the finest drummer ever to pound the skins won't be manning the kit.  Though Dave Lombardo released a statement detailing the situation (it's basically a contract dispute) and closed it with a note that he was hopeful for a resolution, things don't sound good.

Like many, I am an avid fan of the band, and while I think the group is composed of several stellar musicians, my favorite aspect of Slayer is Dave's drumming.  To be honest, when Paul Bostaph stepped in for Dave once upon a when, the band still managed to produce epic material and crush their live shows.  Yet it wasn't quite the same, and I truly felt that bringing Dave back in 2006 was a big deal.  I enjoyed Christ Illusion and World Painted Blood, and I was eager for another record, but now I just don't know.

Again, Dave seems to feel that there's some chance the band can work through this, and it has already been announced that John Dette (who worked with the band back in 1996-97) is going to handle the percussion in Australia.  Additionally, the band is supposedly still working on new material for another release, but questions abound.  Jeff Hanneman is still recovering from a spider bite and Slayer is getting a bit long in the tooth.

Will there be another album?

Will it feature Dave Lombardo on drums?

Will I buy it if it doesn't?

Will you?

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