Friday, February 22, 2013

Freaky Friday

Shortly after breakfast, I took a social media lap, and here's what I learned:

Ted Nugent is about to kick off a new tour.  It's called Ted Nugent Black Power 2013.
That is not a joke, that is actual news.  Well, maybe it's actual news and a joke all rolled into one, but I digress.

Megan Fox will play April in Michael Bay's TMNT film.  Some are already saying she will contend for an Oscar.  Seriously, wasn't she calling Michael Bay a nazi just a bit ago?  Yeah, money can move mountains.  So can trying to make a living as an actress if you have a hard time acting.  But Michael Bay doesn't need acting.  He just needs to blow shit up.  If you think that's silly, don't argue with me, argue with the man's bank account.   

The Iron Man 3 promo team has released a new character poster for Ben Kingsley, and he looks like the Orient's coolest pimp.  I'm having a hard time with Ben as The Mandarin and this didn't help matters.

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