Sunday, February 8, 2015

Wake N Bake Donuts in Carolina Beach, NC

This morning the fam went to Carolina Beach in search of coffee, donuts, and a stroll along the sand with the ocean nipping at our heels.  The weather was fair, the sky was blue, the sun was shining, and Wake N Bake Donuts was ready to rock.  That statement can be taken literally--the tunes were almost as good as the donuts and coffee.  It's hard to go wrong with grunge and classic rock, and I'll give the place bonus points because the staff was friendly and knowledgeable.  There were a wealth of donuts to choose from and despite being vastly superior to the donuts offered by either of those franchises everyone who likes a good donut knows and loves, the prices at Wake N Bake were far more reasonable.   

I had a Wake N Bacon donut complete with maple glaze and bacon crumbles, and it was stellar.  I followed that up with a Mexican Fire donut, which was topped with a peanut butter glaze and a sweet sriracha drizzle.  Wow!  I need another one ASAP.  Yes, dear readers, the coffee was good and the donuts were epic.  The whole family was thrilled with their donuts and we greatly enjoyed soaking up the good music and the cozy atmosphere.

Rest assured, if you're in the vicinity you have no better option for donuts and coffee than Wake N Bake Donuts.  For a truly divine start to your day, follow up your breakfast with a walk along the ocean.

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