Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Current Reading List - Comics

I blogged about the new Star Wars comic from Marvel earlier, so I've definitely got comics on the brain today.  I'm always curious about what you guys are reading, and I'm willing to share my reading list with you as well.  I generally follow anywhere from 5-10 comics a month, and here's what I'm currently rocking:

Star Wars - read the previous blog for more, but the bottom line is this comic rocks

Iron Fist - this is the coolest book on my list and Kaare Kyle Andrews is the most sensational artist in comics today

Black Widow - I'm a big fan of girl power and I absolutely love this title

Swamp Thing - if DC really does end this comic, they're dead to me--seriously, there are 743 Batman books, kill one of those off before you discard your coolest title and character

She-Hulk - another cool comic that is one on the cusp of annihilation

Hawkeye - a theme is forming right before our very eyes, but at least there's a replacement for this stellar venture coming down the pipeline

The Amazing Spider-Man - yeah, this whole Spider-verse thing is totally ridiculous--and it's also lots of fun

Guardians of the Galaxy Team-Up - this one is slated to debut this month and we've already signed up--I'm a sucker for a good team-up

So, that's what I'm reading.  Feel free to share your thoughts on my list and as I said earlier, I'm definitely curious about what you guys are looking at these days.  I'm a Marvel fanboy at heart, but I'm willing to branch out.  Just don't try and recommend anything DC does to me if they really pull the plug on Swampy.  That aggression will not stand.

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