Friday, October 2, 2015

Zipper Down from Eagles of Death Metal (released 10/2/15)

Zipper Down arrived from EODM today, and this crazy band's first album since 2008 is probably their silliest offering yet.  That's okay, for being silly and having a groovy good time while rocking out and making fun of themselves is precisely what the Eagles of Death Metal specialize in.  I thought their last album (Heart On) was a little less spirited than their previous outings, but though they may have cranked up the humor on Zipper Down, they're certainly not phoning it in.  It doesn't have quite the same punch as their first release (2004's totally stupendous Peace, Love, Death Metal) but it is a mean recording.  It has a lot of juice, and the boys are clearly having a good time tearing it up on tracks like "Oh Girl," Skin-Tight Boogie," and "The Reverend."  "Silverlake," the previously released jab at hipsters, is probably the most entertaining song from Zipper Down, but the textured revamp of the 1982 Duran Duran single "Save a Prayer" (from Rio) is seriously impressive.  Cheeky, high-octane, and full of swagger and style, Zipper Down is another super cool album from one hell of a super cool band.

Final Grade: B+

If this picture could make noise,
it would sound like an Eagles of Death Metal song.

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